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More cards

Here are some more cards Ive been working on with the cricut Biggrin
these are from paper pups:

These are from Don Juan and are intended for our Kitchen coordinator at church she wanted me to make her 35 thank you/invites for an appreciation dinner for all the volunteers for the wed night meals. She picked the tea cup ones out of all of them for the final design.

When I run out of the fork and spoon paper I'll use this paper for the rest of the 35 cards

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Wow! You have been super busy. Where do you find the time?

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Those are beautiful! What do you do with all those cards??? So jealous you have paper and Austin both want that one. Smile TFS, they are really good Zene!

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Wow!! You are so good at these cards. I love love love that second butterfly card! And the coffee mug card with the brown ribbon. TFS!

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Fun! I have that same recipe paper pack. I'm 90% done with a recipe book made from it. Just need to get holes punched in the cover and dividers so I can put it together.

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Ok, the dog and the cat Love one is the cutest thing I've seen on a card in forever!

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I love the dog and cat one. Call me the sentimental animal lover.
But they are all seriously great cards.

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wow very pretty. great job

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wow! those are some great cards!!!!! love the first several, especially the ribbon coming out of the circle. Smile

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I love the fruit paper...and the fork and spoon paper. so cute! The paper pups cards are cute too...such possibilities with that cart.

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great cards, my favorite is oh happy day!

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Paper Pups makes the cutest cards! That's one of those that I thought I'd never use, but every card I see makes me want it! Biggrin I have to say, I REALLY like that thank you stamp too!

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they are all great. Anyone would love them Biggrin

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Wow! Those are so awesome. I just love the ones with the animals. You did so many!

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Look at all those cards! They are all great, my favorite ones are the flowers/butterflies and the first thank you- the one with the fruit.

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love them all too cute!!!!!!

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