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More cards

I know Im a total slacker on comments, but I didnt want you gals to think Im skimping by on my crafts Wink I did these during the VC but never had time to post. AND some bonus redneck slip n slide pics LolROFL ALL the slip n slides and pools under 50 dollars are all gone from the stores Ive been to so far... target, fredmyer...still need to check biglots. So I bought this little boat for babies yesterday and brought out the tarps LOL!! Add water and a little soap for extra slipperyness...voila!


This is Flashlight our neighbor kitty. He had to check out what was going on. ISnt that the cutest name for a black kitty!!

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Nice cards! I really like the blue ones with the bows. The slip and slide looks like FUN!!! And what a pretty black cat!

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those cards look great! and i love how hes naked HAHA! so adorable!

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Great cards! Love the Congrats one the most Smile

And love the 'redneck' slip n' slide, and that he's naked lol.

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Such nice cards!! And thanks for the cat warning Biggrin i squinted and looked anyway lol

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hehehe cute piccies!! and the cards are great as they always are!!!

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Do you have a Cuttlebug? Did I miss something? I love the dry embossing on the cards! Great work! And I really love the congrats card with the car. I may copy that idea for my friend's daughter who just turned 16.
and I laughed out loud when I saw the cute "redneck" slip and slide pics! Totally something we do around here. Wink Zylin is so cute!!!!!! Biggrin

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Nope I dont have a cuttle bug, but I made a bunch of papers when I went to the card making party a while back. They come in handy I tell ya!

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I also thought you might have gotten a cuttlebug, love that effect on those cards. They are all really neat Zene...TFS

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You are so funny with the cat/ Karen thing!!!!! I love those cards. The car one is my favorite!!!!! Where did you get that little car?