More cards (lots of pics)
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Thread: More cards (lots of pics)

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    Default More cards (lots of pics)

    Cards are soooo much easier than LOs to me. I always stress over what colors match the pics and you don't have that worry with cards.

    These are cards that I found in the $1 bin at Michaels (8 pack)

    On a side note. I'm tossing around trying to sell some cards. I make them and then they just sit in a bucket until I can find someone to give them too. I read on the Cricut board that there is copyright for selling stuff you make, I had no idea. You can only make 10 of a design to sell. I'm thinking about trying to bundle up cards for all occasions and trying to sell them on etsy in a set. I'm not looking at trying to make money, more like something to keep me encouraged and busy right now. Any suggestions? Should I scrap this idea? I guess I'm already wondering if its more trouble than its worth. I've sold dresses on Ebay before but by the time I listed them and paid their fee and had to take time to go to the post office and stuff, I was like NAH! I was thinking cards would be easier b/c I can throw 2 stamps on them and stick them in my mailbox, but I don't know.

    BTW- DH is all for my scrapping bringing in money, instead of it only going out!!!!

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! You are so talented Kelly! You can take anything and make it fun!! I bet your like that in person and life too huh? LOL Not much help on selling cards, but I bet you could do well. I wish you the best of luck if you make a go of it.
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    I think it is a fabulous idea. You do meticulous work. I would list several of your projects all in the same store. If you still do any of your embroidery and such, having multiple types of listings will bring several types of people to your store. Say they are looking for an Alabama burp cloth and then they visit your store and find an awesome Thank you card bundle.
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    I love the black and red and white cards! those colors look so good together! If I bought cards I would so buy them from you!
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    Kelly, if I didn't make my own cards, I'd totally pay for yours (instead of drolling over them). I think that you'd do well with that. I'm all for you doing that. I think these cards are excellent. In fact, I'm kicking myself - I NEVER thought to personalize patterned cards like that from the dollar bin. I really love what you did with them.

    Totally do an etsy store!!
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    these are great! an Etsy site would be a great idea. I didn't have the time to produce enough great cards to post on there. Also, I wonder how to better promote one's store on there, since there are SO many people selling stuff on there. That is the only tricky part...getting the right buyer to find your store. With cards like those, though, I bet you will get sales

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    Wow those look great! You do amazing work! Those are just all so good!

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    these are so good! I love how dainty the first one is I know you would do great at selling your cards

    yeah my hubby is wanting my scrapping to bring money in instead of take it out too...and sheesh! Apart from cartridges, I only buy from the dollar store! LOL!
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    Could you get by that "10 cards of one design" copyright by just slightly changing the design? I mean, all homemade cards are a bit different anyways right?

    Your cards are amazing! I especially love the valentines. The "with love" two are my faves. You could definitely sell them in my opinion.
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    I second you opening up an Etsy shop! Etsy is so much easier (IMO!) to sell on than eBay. And the listing fees aren't as crazy as Ebay's either.

    You could also maybe sell some of your embroidered things, I think those are always adorable!! You could make up gift packages, like a personalized embroidered onesie with a card, there, it's all ready to go as a gift!

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