More cards by me.

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More cards by me.

This one is inspired by Charys' anniversary cards she just posted and i used her paper ribbon tip. i L.O.V.E. it!

dh says this one is from the 80's because of the colors lol

and this one i don't like, but i'll still use it. it's the thought that counts.

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Wow! You're rockin the cards these days! I am diggin the colors for sure! The third is my absolute fave because of the color choice and the inking. But the 1st and 2nd are very retro!

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Those are fantastic!! I love the colors too. Beautiful torquois. And I really like the last one. It's so fun!

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Great job!! Charys will be proud. TFS Liz.

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Is that "{thoughts of you}" a stamp? I really like it! That first card is so nice...they all are. Love your colors! The gray and turquoise on that third card is beautiful too. The card you don't like as much I really like. It will make someone smile. Smile

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You rock at cards!
I love how the paper ribbon looks...another thing for me to try.
I really like how you inked on the third one, that makes it look really neat!

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Love the third one! Great job on all!

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Wow! They just keep getting better, if that's possible! I love the first one, the colors are awesome.

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