more crafty stuff (bought but no pics yet - update at bottom)

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more crafty stuff (bought but no pics yet - update at bottom)

so my MIL crafts Christmas ornaments and other stuff that she sells at local craft shows. She is so hard core with it that she has a tax ID number and a tax exempt card she can use at one of the local craft stores. this weekend, she has a coupon for pat catans (craft store...don't know how many there are...most I know of are in western PA/Ohio) for 10% off your total order (and they already have pretty good prices on most stuff) and she doesn't pay tax, which is 7% in PA. So she invited me to come shop with her this weekend...we are going Sunday after I go to church. Mostly, I want to get supplies for the scrapbook I will be making for my friend's wedding present (paper, page protectors, maybe an album, rhinestones and other things that I wouldn't be able to make with the cricut). I will post an update with pics of my loot on Sunday!

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How exciting!!! Have fun girl! Be sure to share too.

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That is great! I can't wait to see what you get. I love scrappy shopping. I wish I had someone to go with.

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Yay!!! So excited for you. Yes definitely pics of your stash

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fun times! hope you get some good stuff!

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cool! Can't wait to see! Biggrin

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I ended up spending 70 bucks :shock: but got some big things...
* scrapbook album 12x12 for my best friend's wedding album
* 2 packs of 12x12 paper (one black with various textures, one pack of various neutrals...white, ivory, cream, tan, etc.)
* several loose sheets, some textured, some fancy and over $1 a sheet, but worth it for her wedding album
* 5 pack of tape runner
* glue pen
* 2 black sharpies
..I think that is it...oh and a "skin" for my Gypsy (which came with the skin, lanyard, screen protector and another stylus) They only had the green one, but the price was comparable to the cheapest I have seen online...and I didn't have to pay shipping and the discount.

Then we went to Big Lots where I found some self adhesive ribbon that will coordinate with her colors. I also got some 5x7 (I think) canvas to alter for either Christmas presents or just to have on hand (add it to my stack of things that can be altered...frames, mini mailboxes, etc. haha). They also had 20 packs of blank cards and envelopes in ivory for $ I got 2 packs of those too.

So after all that shopping, I better be set for her wedding album and then some Lol Many of the things I bought at the craft store can be used for other stuff (the glue, double sided tape runners, the packs of paper) I will take and post pics within the next couple days...