More Cricut cards!

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More Cricut cards!

I decided to go ahead and try sending the card swap cards I made last night because I like them so much. Smile I sure hope they make the trip to Stephanie's then to each house! I should've thought of that before making cards like that. :rolleyes: But DH thinks they'll be fine.

Anyways, these are some other ones I made too:

and a closeup

(That's the only non-cricut card I made)

The flourish and green diamonds from the Home accents cart. The brackets from Alphalicious

Super simple Thanksgiving card made with pear cut from HA cart.

Again, home accents for flourish. ETA, this is for a 2nd birthday card

HA for flower/cactus.


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Chary's your cards are always so good.

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very cute! And thanks for reminding me about thanksgiving Biggrin lol

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Man, I am so jealous. I am so getting one of those for Christmas!

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*is jealous*