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Thread: more cricut questions!

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    Default more cricut questions!

    I am curious. I want to get the regular Cricut (if they even sell it anymore), but I don't know where the best, cheapest, and most reliable place to buy it is. I don't want to get screwed. I was looking on Ebay and I found this's the Expressions. Why is it so cheap?

    It just doesn't make sense. Can anyone tell me where to get it! I won't be able to get it until our tax refund, but I can keep looking right?!
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    Shoot - if that is what it says it is, I'd be all over it as it's cheaper than the regular cricut! That's a STEAL although I bet towards the end of the auction the price goes up.

    The regular cricut is still around. I know that Wal-Mart carries it and our wal-mart only has the ones with 2 cartridges in it (George & a bubble on) for $184. That's a pretty good price. I've seen it at Michael's for that price w/ALL the accessories but that was before Christmas.

    Not sure what the price is over at but I know that they do run specials on the cartridges from time to time.
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    I second Andie's recommendation for customcrops.

    My thoughts on the cricut purchase are this ... you want to get it from a place where you can return it if something goes wrong. I know Andie had to exchange hers within the first month. I wouldn't buy it on ebay for this reason.

    AC Moore (if you have one near you) puts it on sale about once a month still, that I've seen. But do keep an eye on - sign up for their newsletter, they have awesome deals on cricut!
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    Since you are waiting anyways, AC Moore would probably be your best bet! They run a really great sale like Gwen said, about once a month. That is where I would have bought it if I didn't get such a great Black Friday deal. And I agree, that listing will probably go way up towards the end of the auction. I saw that and had already put it in my "watch" items, because I was curious too. That would be awesome if you could get it at that price!!!!
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    I got my at Joanns it was $194

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    I got the AC Moore ad in my hands for next week.... the Cricut Expression bundle is on sale for $319 which includes 4 carts, 7 cricut inks, and a 12x12 cutting mat. (That's a good deal!)

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