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More Cricut ?s

I didn't want to hijack the other thread but I was really looking into getting one and wanted a little direction.

Not only would I use it for scrapping, but I am 8 weeks away from being an elementary teacher and I figure I would use it for classroom crafts and bulletin boards.

I saw that there is the expression and the personal size. Which one do you recommend? I figured that decision would be based on what size things I would want to make right? Is that the only difference? Are all the carts compatible with both machines? I also saw the Cricut design studio and seemed to good to be true type thing. Does it really give you access and use of ALL the carts just because you use your computer instead of having individual carts? Would you recommend the design studio?

What excuses can I use on my husband to get him to let me buy one? Blum 3

TIA for any answers or opinions!

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First congrats on the teaching. I teach 1st grade and love it! I definitely use mine for things at school. Maybe you can add that to your points that you are coming up with to talk your hubby into it. Not to mention what you could do with pics of your sweet little one! And if you are big into scrapping you can tell him you won't need to by all those letter and embellishment stickers anymore.

I have the expression. I got it by surprise from my DH and I'm really glad he got me the bigger one. I'm sure the small one is great too, but I like being able to cut bigger stuff. I also have a Gypsy, which is like a portable hand held Design Studio (kinda a like a Nintendo DS) and I can lay all the different colored papers out on a 12x12 mat and then just cut it all at once. Anyway, my suggestion is go for the big one!

I don't have Design Studio and someone may need to correct me but I'm pretty sure it will let you design with all cartridges but it will only cut out using the carts that you own. Thats how the Gypsy works. So, like if you chose a flower from a cart you own and a bee from one you don't, it will let you cut the flower but not the bee, make sense? Somebody with DS jump in there and correct me if thats not right.

Oh, and I never get carts from Hobby Lobby or Michaels! You can find them much cheaper online and on Ebay. I try not to pay more than 20-30 for them.

One last thing, go to
She has tons of videos about the cricut that shows you what it does and also how to use it and its features. That might help you too in deciding if you want one.

Hope that helps!

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I'm a Cricut unpaid spokesperson. Wink hahaha. You can't go wrong (IMO) with a Cricut machine. I have the Cricut Create, but only because i seriously don't have room for the bigger machine. The Create has all the features of the Expressions, but is the size of the Personal Cutter. And yes, all the cartridges work with all the machines. If you have the room, go for the big one. If not, I'd buy the Create (not the personal cutter) because the Flip feature, Fit to Page and Potrait features available on it are things I use all the time!

I don't own Design Studio or a Gypsy (yet) but having played with both of them, I'd definitely get the Gypsy! It's a big higher $$ but so much more portable and easier to use I think. I love that you can take it on trips, in the car, the doctor's office, everywhere and work on layout designs/titles, etc. when you have the time.

Good luck! Kelly's right....don't buy the carts in stores! You can get two of them online for the price of one.,, and Ebay....those are my faves.

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I would say to get the Create or the Expression. I bought the smaller one, and if you're planning to make bulletin boards you can't get that big with it. I sold my smaller one soon after getting it and bought the Expression.

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I wish I had the Expression ... the baby bug is great, but if you're cutting things for a classroom, I'd think you'd want to be able to cut bigger. I'm going to borrow my neighbor's Expression for a project ... wish I could cut it with my baby bug instead.

For the Design Studio, you do need the carts to cut things designed with them. But SCAL (Sure Cuts a Lot) will let you cut from any ont. It's awesome! However, using it does void your warranty, but I didn't start using it until after my warranty was long gone.

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Most of you said buy the carts off of ebay, but would you buy the machine off of ebay?

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hmmm...Idunno. If the seller has good feedback and seems legit I don't see why not, but I do remember somebody here had issues with trying to get a new power supply cord. I think it had something to do with her not having the warranty info she needed (somebody? help?)

I would look around and wait for a deal. I got my Expression at - it's the blue holiday limited edition and they almost always have a code for 20% off your order. I recently saw they still had some left. I ended up getting it for $199 with 2 cartridges! Sign up for their eMail list to get the codes, seriously, there is ALWAYS a code.

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Yeah, you can get a new expression bundle pack for $199 with free shipping as a buy it now, which you really won't see much cheaper in the stores. I, too, would recommend the expression as it goes 24 inches if you're doing wall art for your classroom. I also buy the carts off of Ebay as I really haven't found it cheaper, even online and it usually includes free shipping. Gypsy, on a good day, you can get as low as $105, so DON'T buy that in the store either! Rule of thumb, check the averages of what cricut supplies sell on Ebay first before looking anywhere else. It'll give you a good idea if your getting a good deal or not.

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I'm not sure if the machines on ebay are as good of a deal as the carts. If you do buy from ebay, I know the sellers proudparents and happyclan are really good and seem to have an inside track into the Cricut world.

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I'd buy the Expression, especially if you want to use it for the classroom. I had originally bought the create and sold it after a few months and bought the Expression on Black Friday at Walmart. I don't spend full price for any cart either. On the Design Studio not sure about that. I have the Gypsy and I love it because I don't have to guess on a size and know how big my paper on the mat needs to be etc. The screen is really small and I think that is where I'd like DS because it would be bigger for my horrible eyes. But I still love my gypsy.