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More CT pages

I've been sticking with my CT pages lately, need to start using my other great kits again Lol

These first one are both from the same kit, Only in my Dreams.

I hope you can read the journaling on this one, the story is the most important part

(oops, just noticed the typo in this one)

Here is another 3scrapateers kit, Circle of Friends, just love these spring colors and the cute picture of Andrea at 6-months

This kit was Quilted Spring. The background was pre-done which made this page quick and easy.

(oh no, another typo - wrong year!)

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I have always loved that picture of Andrea in the first layout and I love the color you used with it. I'm going to steal that quote!

Ah, that's the sweetest story in layout #2.

#3 Love the journaling block and butterfly.

#4. The blocking and ribbon are beautiful!

Great job Stephanie. I think it's so cool that you get to design for a CT. I'd love to do that one day. I wish Cricut had Design teams! Smile

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very cute. I love the second LO, it is perfect!

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That first pic has ALWAYS been one of my faves of's so precious. And you did it such justice in that great Stephanie. They are all so great. TFS

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Those are just wonderful Stephanie. LOVE the partial extraction in the first one and the second one has the best story.

LOL about the typos. I do that all the time and never notice till later. That is the great thing about digital though. You can just pop back in there and correct.

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oh, more terrific pages! my favorite of this bunch is the first one, but they're all nice. love the story about Andrea carrying around your picture.

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I love them ALL!! The first has great buttons and flowers. The dog cracks me up in the last Lol

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I love the story about the photo, that is too sweet! Is the first one for the Out-of-Bounds challenge?