More holiday LOs

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More holiday LOs

I decided to continue on the holiday theme and do some pages for Halloween and Thanksgiving to add to the Christmas ones. I also did the cover for the book. Thanks for looking!

Book cover:

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Great work! Love all the flowers on the last page...really cool!

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oh my goodness is Brody ever a cutie!!! Smile He made the cutest little penguin.

My favorite is the first page. (2008) The design is perfect! Great work on all your pages.

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Wow, you've been really busy!!! The title page is a great idea, and he was so cute in his costume!!!

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great pages!! too stinkin cute!

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wonderful work! Those flowers on the give thanks page rock !:D

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great pages! I think I like bootiful the best, but I love the layers of leaves and flowers on the last 2 pages.

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Awww, love that Halloween page. He is so adorable in his costume - cute! I like the Bootiful title, really looks good. Your title page is great too. I always have a hard time doing those.

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Great pages. I absolutely love the pictures of him in the penguin costume. SO cute!

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Great job on all of them!

Ditto what everyone else said -- great flowers, cute little penguin, cool wordart, great title page ... nice job! Smile

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The Bootiful page is my favorite one! I love them all, the are great!