More Homemade Cards

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More Homemade Cards

I know you girls are thinking making cards is all I do ;), but a girlfriend called me yesterday and asked if she could come over and make some cards with me in the afternoon, so we made quite a few simple ones to "replenish" our supplies. Smile It's always more fun with a friend. These are a few I made:

The top is NOT red, but orange. The photo didn't turn out too well on these:

More thank you cards

Thanksgiving/Fall cards

And a few baby shower cards, because I have a lot of babyshowers coming up. Someone gave me a package of those little umbrella embellishments, so I knew I wanted to make cards out of them.

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omgosh those are all awesome! My favorites are the second set of thank yous. They are all so great though!

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oooooooohhhhh those are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love them all of them great job

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Those are very cute, great job.

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Gosh! You were busy!!

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You are SO talented! I am seriously lifting those ideas from you - I feel like I'm always saying that LOL!

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Those are great!!! Love them and you were busy. good gooing.

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I love those...can't decide which is my favorite! Good job!!

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oh, those look great! simple, but great. what a good idea to do it with a friend. Smile

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Red, orange....whatever! It looks AWESOME! I love all of them, I can't decide either! Biggrin

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They are just amazing! It impresses me how cute the cards are without being too fancy. I just love them.

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Those are so simple but so creative! My friend makes cards and I just can't seem to get the hang of it. You wouldn't think it was that hard! I made my Christmas cards last year and they were a DISASTER!! Ask Gwen, she got one LOL!

I love the Thank You's with the flowers

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You make the cutest cards!