More new pages :)

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More new pages :)

I did 2 pages last night while we were watching 'Did you Hear about the Morgans'. Funny movie!

I was just fooling around with a kit and came up with this (ETA: this one got a gallery standout at DST almost immediately after I posted it!)

And a spring-time one of Kaitlyn from a couple summers ago.

Both are linked for credits Smile

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absolutely love the evolution page!!! can totally see why it got a standout!!!!
and i love the colors of the sunshine page!!! Biggrin

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Love the sunshine page.... too precious

and the evolution one... i know really???? it's just amazing!!!

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can I travel inside your brain for a day??? Like morph into a tiny bug. Wink LOL!! LOVE these!! You are so creative.

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amazing - love the colors on both!

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Just fooling around and produce those??? Yowzers!!! Outstanding work girl. LOVE them both, especially the evolution page. TFS

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Wow Trina, just wow!

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cute pages!