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More pages, I've been busy

So I've been in a mood to catch up with pictures from last month. I'm almost done, probably 4-6 more to go to catch up (I think).

Anyway, wanted to share. All are linked for credits.

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I love your layouts! And the extraction of the slip n slide is great!

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They're all fab, but i think i like the Silly one best. The colours are really striking. Smile

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Wow Stephanie, that first LO is sooo beautiful. I love how the colors match her outfit, it is really a gorgeous LO. The silly one is really nice too, love how simple it is, yet so cute. They are all good though, TFS

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What a little ham she is! I love the pic in the first lo of her. All the lo's are cute but the last 2 are my favorites! I love how you used purple on a zoo page! perfect

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I love them all, I especially love the first one. All the colors you chose for each LO are perfect!

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they are all great, but I LOVE the torn paper and the way you did the date on the first one.

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another great batch from you!!!!

love the date slide on the first one, that's so neat!

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I really love the date slider and colors of the first layout. beautiful!

The Slip and Slide layout is probably my fave because it's something different and I love how you placed the pictures!

All of them are great...TFS!

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I love them all too but that first one!! WOW!!:eek::D My absolute fave ever Biggrin

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Those are all awesome - I really love the slip & slide extraction, and the last is my fave - kinda looks like my style! Smile

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ditto what everyone else said! The first is beautiful. The second is my favorite because it's so bold and fun. And I love the arrangements you did for the last two!


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