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more pages posted

Here are some of my old pages. I figured I would post them since they are new to all of you. It helps me to see other peoples pages so here are some of mine.
I did this page a few years ago when I was just getting into photography.

I hate birthday pages!!! I love the birthdays but I always get so stuck because of everything going on in the backround of the pictures. This time I focused only on my son. I made candles by twisting some clay.

This was my first time using bleach. (yes, household bleach) I painted a popsicle stick with bleach and stamped it on my paper to make my own pp. I used diamond glaze on the title so it looked like it was dripping down my page.

diamond glaze again- I wanted the cardboard to look like it had oil on it.

This page was hard cause I made the flowers myself using around pic, a transparent sheet on top, and fibers. The journaling is under the page with beads inside. I cut my pp out where the journaling goes and put foam board under with a transparent sheet over. The journaling went on the bottom and beads in the middle kinda hard to explain . Well, hope to inspire some of you

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You are so creative. I love the bleach idea! I'll remember that one. And my favorite is the 4th page down. You did so well with the title and it's soooooo sweet. The little key was such a nice touch. Do you find the keys and brackets, etc. at a scrapbook store, or a hardware store? I'm gonna have to find things like that. Thanks for posting these!

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tHANKS- The key I got at a crop I go to yearly The midwest scrapbook convention. I don't know if you have heard of it but they travel around once a year. The brackets I always find at a local scrapbook store.
I think that is my problem now that I used to have more supplies and cute little trinkets. I still have some stuff but need to go shopping. I had a local Ben Franklin store go out of buisness by me so when they did I bought some fixtures from them so I could stock my room but they are looking pretty empty. Time to stock up.

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you really are super creative. the popsicle page is awesome, and I love the make a wish page, so cute and clever! so glad you posted these!

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I love your pages - you are so creative, and you have great style!

Do you have separate books that you keep these in by theme, or do they all go in one?

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You really are very creative. I love them all but the popsicle page is priceless. TFS