more pages (very,very pic heavy)

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more pages (very,very pic heavy)

Here are the rest of the pages in my daughter's scrapbook. Sorry that the pics are pretty bad:confused:
Now bear in mind that she is going to be 2 next month, so I am just a little behind:rolleyes:

The blank spot is where I am going to put her birth story.

First Christmas

Claire and I took 'swimming' lessons when she was 10 months old.

I took a pictue of her every month(for the first year) with the same stuffed animal, to see how much she changed. It starts with the ultrasound pics.

I still have the last couple months to print and scrap.

Here is her 1st b-day

The journaling is the poem I wrote for her invite:

Claire has big blue eyes and short blond hair,
She's growing so fast, it isn't fair.
Our little girl is turning one,
Please come and join us for the fun!

This one still needs something on the left side...I was thinking of putting the list of guests we invited?

I did this challenge after the fact, but really liked the idea.

I didn't get this done in time for teh stitching challenge.

That's all I have from two years worth of pictures:rolleyes: I need to get my butt in gear! TFL

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Great pages. I really like ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes! Great photos and choices of colors! I really enjoyed looking at these. Biggrin

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Great Pages! I LOVE the black and white "ten tiny fingers and toes" That is just beautiful! You did a great job! Smile

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I love having lots of pages to look at and you did wonderful on yours'!! They captured her baby moments perfectly. I like how you took the pic of her by the teddy bear every month to chart her growth. too cute! Thanks for sharing those with us!

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wow, you have gotten a lot done! and I was the same way with my first daughter, wrapping up one year arond the time she turned 2. Wink

your then & now page is great, love how you got the swing and saucer. Wink

and the fingers and toes, love that!!!!!!!!!

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You have some really cute pages there. I like the "water" in the water pages, it turned out nice. Smile And the fingers/toes are just precious!

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there are so many wonderful pages, it's hard to pick a favorite! if i force myself to choose, i'd probably go w/ the "tiny toes" page, but truly, they are all great pages.

I know that this book will be treasured by your whole family!


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"coolmama72" wrote:

your then & now page is great, love how you got the swing and saucer. Wink

and the fingers and toes, love that!!!!!!!!!

When we pulled them out for my son she had to play with them all over again. She likes the saucer more now than she did when she was a baby:rolleyes: Last night she was watching American Idol and eating her snack in it:D