More pregnancy/baby shower LOs (pic heavy)

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More pregnancy/baby shower LOs (pic heavy)

I finished off another belly progression LO and 2 baby shower ones. Only 1 pregnancy/preparation LO left to go and that will include maybe another belly shot at 38-40 weeks and mostly setting up the nursery shots.

Progression LO (30 weeks):

detail shot of the 30, just used some old tiny beads and craft glue:

Progression LO (34 and 36 weeks):

Baby Shower LO #1 (Bauer Shower) - Bauer is DH's last name and the shower was thrown by his dad's side of the family hence the title:

Baby Shower LO #1 - Journaling says:At 35 weeks pregnant, aunt Barb hosted a baby shower for me. The aunts chipped in for a very nice carseat, grandma Bauer made a beautiful quilt & everyone got Kaelan all sorts of great gifts.

Baby Shower LO #2 - The colors look a little washed out in this photo, they are a little bolder and higher contrast IRL:

Baby Shower LO #2 - Journaling says:Almost 36 weeks along. Kaelan is prety much set now!

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Andrea, those are great LO's! Parts almost look digital. I love your 30. The last LO is my favorite, I love the lace pearls boardering the photos!

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Looks like you had a good time at your shower! And I really love the little string with tags on it in the first layout.

Oh, and I love your bump! Smile I didn't take any bare belly pics when I was pg, and now I'm wishing I did.

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I love all the bling! And the lace borders on the last layout are perfect! You have such a cute baby belly BTW!!! TFS...great job on all of them.

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The elements you used are awesome! I love the beads and the lace ribbon. You did a great job. I am jealous of your stretch mark free belly! Wink

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Great pages!

I love your 30! And like the other ladies, I like the pearl lace on your last page. Nice job!


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what a great belly! I never thought to scrap my belly pictures (and I have plenty!). love the die cuts and beaded 30.

you lucky girl with two showers! Smile

both shower layouts are wonderful. I really love how you did the photos in the second layout, on the diagonal.

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absolutely gorgeous!:D

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Those are all gorgeous!

I love the embellishments in the first one and you 30.

Love the letter you used for Bauer Shower.

Also love all the lace and color on the last one.

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Very nice. I like the center titling on Shower #2

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Those are great! That 30 is awesome, I may just have to scraplift that later, I have tons of little beads like that I need to use for something.