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More Projects

Made in Cricut Design Studio... I did NOT create the file, someone shared it with me. This was for a little Easter treat.

Camera Shape Card: Locker Talk and Cricut Design Studio

Post-It Note Holder: Paper Dolls

Altered Clock: Alphalicious and George. Tutorial HERE.

I helped my friend create a Christmas present for her sister last year.

Word-Book: Storybook, Alphalicious, Paper Pups, Cricut Design Studio. Word-Book Tutorial HERE.

Altered Mason Jar with Puppy Chow inside... Yummy! Mini Monograms, Storybook

Altered Wooden Letters: Modge Podge

Baby Word-Book

First Glass-Etching Try. Candle holder from Dollar Tree. Tutorial HERE.

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Great stuff. I love it all.

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Wow Laura!!! Where do you find the time to do all this?? It's truly awesome! And how cool that you provided so many rock!!! What neat stuff!!

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cute projects!

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ok where have you been hiding?! you should have started posting over here a longgg time ago! i love looking at your work!! everything is great!!

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awesome work!!!! Biggrin *jealous*

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So cool, you really made some neat stuff!

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Thanks for sharing so many great projects you have done!!! I just wish i had more time to do them. Wink

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Such awesomeness! I especially love the Easter treat box! Wow!

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You're totally making me wish I paper scrapped still (which doesn't happen often) lol Love all the projects, especially the letters!