More Wedding layouts/updated layouts

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More Wedding layouts/updated layouts

This is going to be pic heavy!

I decided to put this Mr. & Mrs. on this layout and like how it finished it.

Font is Jasmine. Swirl is from Home Accents.

I decided on putting "the day they began" and some flowers on the left page.


Font is Jasmine for the titles. The other words I printed off my PC. Bible is from the Wedding cartridge. (my friend is letting me borrow it)



You know how sometimes you are left with letters that you can't seem to put on a page as a title? Well I had an "x" and an "o" leftover from some metal letters, so I thought they'd be perfect for this. I used lace and tulle on the bottom, finishing it with a flower and pin.


left page

I cut the journaling block from my Home Accents cartridge. I really love the shape! First, I created pink lines on a Word document, to create a "notebook" page. Then I cut the journaling blocks on my Cricut. Outlined it in black, then chalked brown on edges. The bridesmaids figures came from a Jolee's pack. I usually don't use embellishments like that, but the dresses matched so well to the Bridesmaids, I had to use them. Smile

right page

There's the pink tulle again!

First Dance

The letters for Dance were green, so I used pink craft paint on them to match the theme. The swirl on top is from Home Accents. (love that cart!)

and my favorite page of all! This will be the last page in the book most likely. The moon/sunset really was that beautiful! I love that the photographer captured it!
"Dreams really do come true"


butterflies were cut with Home Accents. Chandelier stamp is Heidi Swapp. For the title, I had those bright blue foam letters I got a while back. I again used my craft paint to paint them pink and left the edges blue to match the blue in the photograph. I had run out of "e", so I used a c and cut a piece of another letter to create an e. Wink Don't look too close....
Journaling block was also cut from Home Accents cart. I hand cut the scalloped edge for the pink border.


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i love the XO page sooo much! and the last page!
the 2 updated ones look great with the new additions...
you are awesome!

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OMG Charys! They're gorgeous!

This album is going to be incredible when it's all done!

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more awesome pages! I love the "I do" changes, looks great! and the creation of your "e" is so smart. I really am loving this album, I bet your sister will be so pleased.

someone asked earlier, and I didn't check for a reply - is it a surprise gift for her?

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Yes, I asked! Smile She will LOVE this I am sure. I know I would. You captured things so beautifully Charys. TFS

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thanks guys!! Sorry, I thought I'd answered but must have forgotten....yes, it's a surprise! Smile I hope they like it.

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Holy Moly girl! Those are fantastic!! i don't even know where to begin.

First, what a difference on the first one with the Mr & Mrs. The black really makes it pop. It looks perfect now.

The XO one is really cute with the lace and the tulle. And I would have never know that wasn't an 'e' on the Dreams page. Way to improvise Smile

Oh, and I love the bridesmaid one too. Those figures are way too cute.

Your sister is so going to love this book.

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Again- wanna do mine!? Wink

These are absolutely amazing! She will be in LOVE with this scrapbook. You are doing such an amazing job!

1) Like the pp said- the black adds so much to it. Don't you love the Jasmine letters? I know I do!
2) Perfect. I love what you added. You did really good.
3) The XO and the lace is gorgeous! That photo is too!
4) You are so stinking creative. Loved the journaling block.
5) What a way to improvise and use your paint to make it match. I'll have to keep that in mind b/c I have a hard time keeping things that match!
6) I thought your "e" was a more fancy "e"! WTG! The colors are amazing in this one!

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"sadieruth" wrote:

Again- wanna do mine!? Wink

YESSSSSS! Bring your stuff to Texas and have a mini-vacay here and I'll mail it back to you after I'm done. Wink Gotta bring Ruthie and Randall too though. Scott would love to visit with your DH and Kayson would have a blast with Ruthie!

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WOW! Your sister is going to be amazed at this, she is going to love it!!! I love the added Mr&Mrs, it really comletes the page, as do the flowers on the left side of the one page. I really like the new ones, too. Is this a Christmas present for her, or for some other time?

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Awww, Charys! These pages actually made me cry. You are doing such a beautiful job. I don't think I can tell you one page in particular that really was my favorite. I love all of them. The simplicity and colors are perfect. The use of the XO is fantastic. The pictures of your sister and her DH are darling. She looks so beautiful.

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Thanks Stephanie!

Yes Trina, this will be a Christmas present for them. That is why I'm feeling pressured to get it done on time. Smile Gotta do that and still make 30 more Christmas cards, Christmas gifts, etc. etc. :eek:

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ok I MUST say that you are very very creative! I love all your pages! Smile so inspiring! and they get me motivated Wink I LOVE all of these pages and I am sure she will love them too! They are beautiful. And I would have NEVER known about that E if you hadn't pointed it out Blum 3

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I love them all! SO nice! What a wonderful presesnt this will be!

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i don't even know what to say ... i am totally blown away by those pages.

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HOLY COW! I was looking at your pages and I fell off my chair they were so good! I was on the floor and DH was like what are you doing????
Okay totally kidding but you get the point those are wonderful!!!!

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They're going to LOVE this! You will definitely have it finished by Christmas.

I love how you wrinkled up the lace. So pretty! And those bridesmaids really do match the dresses well. I thought you made those, too! Especially love how you did the "really do come true" letters on the last page!

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"crazy j" wrote:

i don't even know what to say ... i am totally blown away by those pages.

umm...ditto!!!:eek::eek: WOW!!!:D:D:D

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Those are amazing! Fantastic job!

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Wow, this is a great gift. It is perfect so far! I love the last page!

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Okay these pages are beautiful. I absolutely LOVE your color sceme with it. They are not what I have seen most wedding albums in and I think that is why i love it so much. It goes so well with the pictures. Just beautiful. and great use of alphas and embellisments.

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OH its so gorgeous!! I freaing love them all!
I cant wait to see the whole album!