Mother's day card and diamond glaze

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Mother's day card and diamond glaze

Okay I am finally done with my mother's day card. I copied the idea from scrap trends magazine but changed it up a bit by adding more birds and making a nest. My mom has 6 girls and one boy so I put the birds in order and my brother is the green bird since he is my mom's 4th.

I also added a project I made a long time ago so everyone can see what diamond glaze does. It is way cooler on a lo with glass slides (I will show you as soon as I get some ) but for this I added the glaze to seal in the pics. TFL






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oh my gosh!!! That card is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ack, I love it!!!!! ok, you just gave me an idea for one. Smile

And cool glaze! Thanks for sharing those pics with us..I was curious about that stuff...I bet it's cool.

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Those birds are so stinkin' adorable! I like how you color coded them! Smile She's gonna love it.

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oh my is that ever cute!!!:D I love love love it!
btw my mom is pretty close, with 5 girls and one boy Biggrin

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oh my gosh!!! your card is adorable!!!!

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I love those little birds! And the fuzz is really cute too!

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What a neat idea for the card sweet and cute. TFS

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Tia, that card is so super cute. I love those birds and did you do that tree yourself?

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oh, that card ROCKS! I really love how you did that, so cute and clever!

and the bracelet looks cool. it's hard for me to see the glaze, like what might make it different from another sealant type stuff. looking forward to seeing the glass slides. Smile

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That card is so cute - love how your bro is the only green one among all the pink ones!

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How cute. i love that card!!!

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rin, yes I made the tree by myself. I was mad cause my kids lost my scissors sp? and so after looking for 10 minutes I just tore it and ended up really liking how it turned out. thanks kids lol

Gwen, I have to post another pic with the slides cause that pic does not do the stuff justice. It is really like a 3d sealer so it is raised a lot. If you use glass slides you can put the glaze right on your pic, picture side up and then put the glass slides over the glaze. It then looks like 3d and raised glass but with your pic under it. I will have to show you hard to explain.

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I love them all

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Love your card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!