Mothers Day cards?

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Mothers Day cards?

Has anyone started on their mothers Day cards yet?

I have made a couple.. Two of them turned out crap so I tossed them.. and I made two more today... I need you guys to let me know what you think... Thanks...

I am not to sure if this one is finished... but I wanted something simple..but now I am not sure it looks good..

This one I am a little upset with becuase the "s" was not supposed to overlap the heart thing.... But Ohwell...

Please let me know what you thing.. thanks in advance..

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Haven't even thought about it yet. If I make them, I'll make one for mom and one for MIL but that's it.

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i love them both! i really love the 2nd one even if the S overlaps the heart! looks great!

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Haven't started mine yet, but will this week. Smile Your cards are great! I really like that second card..such pretty script. What cart is that from?

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I haven't started yet. I have thank yous to make from my son's party.

I really like the 2nd one. That's elegance in a simplistic way. The first one, I agree that something just isn't sitting right. Maybe something as simple as a thicker piece of ribbon or a strip of paper would give it a bright pop and complete it?

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It is from the Calligraphy cart.. Maybe some thick ribbon on the bottom???? I 'll have to go get some..

What about maybe an embelishment on the bottom right hand corner? A little flower maybe.. I just can't figure out what I think would go good there?

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If it was me, I'd put the ribbon directly behind the white flourish thingy. But that's me and my style. A flower could work. Do you have brads? Try three of them in a row in the bottom corner.

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Yeah, I like them, but I would def put some more stuff on them Wink I would actually do some bling or flowers up at the top JUST at the top of the flourishy thing that says mom on the top card. WIth the bottom card maybe a few buttons or outlining either the letters or the heart thing with glitter.

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Haven't done mine yet, and I'm really no help with cards. I like Mish's suggestion of the flower or ribbon.

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I actually need to make 4. MIL had a card magazine that I think I'm going to use a few of the cards in there for MD and FD.

On your top one I agree with a flower....or maybe a ribbon bow just below where it says Mom.

I think the second one looks good too just maybe something shiny.

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Love that calligraphy. Took a lot of time to put it on I bet huh? I think you've gotten great advice. GL!

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Their beautiful cards! I think a little something more on the top one will finish it off perfectly. And the second one I like just as it is!


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