Mother's Day cards and a project (big thanks to Angie's DH)

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Mother's Day cards and a project (big thanks to Angie's DH)

I can't wait for this weekend when I can finally scrap again! But I'll share what I have done lately.

First, the Mother's Day cards. They look simple, but they took me a while to do. It was more the planning that took the time than the actual putting together. With the kids' hands, I had traced them on cardboard and cut them out so I had a permanent guide ... then I traced the cutouts on the cardstock for the cards. Andrew refused to write on his flower, Natalie attempted her name on her flower, and Jordan wrote about gum on both of her flowers (she's obsessed). I didn't make a separate card from me, I figured these cards would be from all of us. Just didn't have the time to make an additional one.

This went in the mail to MIL - she didn't get it in time Sad I used pop dots on hers to give the hands more definition.

Mother's Day cards for Grandmas

And I gave this one to my mom since she was here for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day cards for Grandmas

Then I'm working on redecorating the house. I have these cool baskets in the kitchen and needed something to hold my reading material that matched. Bought a magazine rack and repainted it brown. Angie's husband was awesome and made me a cut file for SCAL with the same design as my baskets so I could use it on the holder. I'm also going to do some glass etching with the same design, excited about that.

The design on the basket:

View facing out, the magazines and such are facing the wall in the kitchen (took the photo in my dining room cause the light was better there)

Redecorated magazine holder

The blue is the painters tape over the clear acrylic - it's still there as I have some touch ups to do still

Redecorated magazine holder

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LOVE those Mother's Day cards Gwen! So creative! I am sure they were adored even though it was late! WTG for Angie's DH! How sweet!

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That turned out great! I can't wait to see the glass etching when you do it.

The cards are so cute. My MIL hasn't even gotten hers mailed yet. Fool I was behind on making them so I just decided to take it and let Jamie give it to her person when we see her on Thursday.

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What a cute idea for the cards! I'm sure they loved them!

I never thought about matching a design like that. Brilliant! And a DH that helps with design? Angie, you are one lucky lady!