Mothers Day gift LO

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Mothers Day gift LO

I wanted to get my mom a digital frame, but we dont really have the extra money. So I decided to start her scrapbook of Wyatt, that way I can print an extra one for MIL too! I only got the one LO done, poor baby isn't feeling well and wants to be held 24/7. I was going to change it a little bit, but I forgot to save it as an adobe file, only saved it as a JPG, so I can print it but I can't make any changes Sad

*oh and I forgot to post that I "borrowed" the poem from a scrapbooking website! I am terrible about trying to get things out on paper*

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Wow Kat, I LOVE that!! Really sweet journaling and the pics are great! TFS

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That looks great. She will love it!

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That's a really neat idea and truly one of the benefits of digital scrapbooking. I'm sure your mother will love it! I really dig the frames- they remind me of popsicle sticks.

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that's a really nice LO! I know your mom will love it!!

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:Dthat is absolutely precious! You did a great job!

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That is very cute, and a great idea. Love the poem!

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thats a great LO. Love it. The colors you chose and pictures are just great.

That's the same poem that i used for a framed LO I did for my mom last mother's day. Except mine said Nana since that is what ds calls her.

I'm sure she'll love it. My mom teared up at the poem. All grandmas love gifts with their grandchildren in them. WAY TO GO!!! GREAT JOB!!!