Mother's Day gifts

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Mother's Day gifts

So I made scrapbooks for my mom, DH's mom and my grandma for Mother's Day. Each scrapbook only has about 7 pages in it to start with because I will let them choose the rest of the pages. Costco printed beautiful pages for me. Here are some quick pics:

I also had Andrea make a pen pot today. Here are some pics. The ladybugs are thumb prints.

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Oh wow. That's a great idea! And I thought I was being creative for my gifts. Lol You did an amazing job and I ADORE those ladybugs! Biggrin

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absolutely gorgeous! (ALL of it!)

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Those scrapbooks look amazing! ANd the flower pots are so unique and just perfect!!!! They are going to L-O-V-E them!!! I love the pics on top of the flowers and the thumbprint idea was great.

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What a fun idea! That is awesome!

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The flower pot is amazing. I made my mom a scrapbook for christmas and she started crying. She had no idea that I had been scrapbooking and taking lessons from her years ago when she used to do it. I'm saving up for christmas again. By then it should have well over 20 pages.

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Wow! What great gifts! The scrapbooks turned out great and I just love the flower pots - so creative!