Mother's Day and Graduation cards

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Mother's Day and Graduation cards

Here are a couple cards I just finished.

And another LO I made yesterday while I was making all the layouts. It was so simple, I almost didn't post it. Smile


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That LO is soooo cute, I don't know why you wouldn't have wanted to post it at first! The cards are so cute too, you really do a great job!

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I just adore your simplicity of your cards. I wish I could just focus and not stress out. Yours are just simply gorgeous! TFS! The LO is nice too! SHARE away hon!

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The cards are perfect as always. I love the layout. The pictures are fantastic. What a great picture of you with your Grandpa and Marsha (?) on the beach. The whole LO is simple and perfect.

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Those cards are amazing! And I'm glad you shared the LO -it's great! I really love where you put the flowers.

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Great looking cards and layout! I can't believe how you can put layouts together so quickly! I'm totally jealous!

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great cards and the LO.

I love the background paper in the layout.
where did you get your journaling stamps from?

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Charys - I always love your cards! And seeing them makes me remember that I totally forgot to round my corners on my card swap cards. I totally meant to do that, it was part of my mental design. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! And cute layout, you should never NOT post a layout, simple is good, and yours looks fantastic!

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"mommy2007" wrote:

great cards and the LO.

I love the background paper in the layout.
where did you get your journaling stamps from?

I bought the stamp from It came in a pack of journaling stamps. I love them!! thank you!

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beautiful cards and LO Smile
I need to make a wedding card (ASAP for this weekend) and some mother's day cards too...should get my butt in gear Lol

edited b/c I didn't read the previous post about the journaling stamp...I couldn't find one of those...for now perhaps I will draw lines haha

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I LOVE what you did with that stamp! I have that same one but I haven't used it yet. You totally inspired me to!!

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Love them! The LO is super pretty!

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I love your cards. Now I just wish I had your talent for making them. My son graduates HS this year so of course I have to get cards for all of his friends. It's gonna cost me a bundle and they won't be near as cute as yours.

Oh and I love your LO as well. Great work.