Mother's Day LO

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Mother's Day LO

I've been scrapping so little lately that I thought I'd post the layout I did for the textures challenge here too. Wink LOL! I lifted Trina's idea of using that SWEET poem. I made me cry while I was writing it.

I sanded the paper and photo edges, chalked them and then stitched to add texture.

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Beautiful! I love the owl with the baby owl, and the green stitching is perfect. Of course I love the kraft paper, too!

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How sweet, I love the photo you used. The owls are really cute with those googley eyes. Great use of multiple textures.

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Oh good, I was going through lo withdrawls from you. I love it! The owls, glitter kraft paper (where do you get that again?) and my favorite part is the grid paper you used. Great job and glad to see you got time to scrap!

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What a gorgeous and perfect picture for that LO Charys!! I too LOVE that sweet.

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I love the design of it, and that poem makes me cry every time I read it! The Owl is perfect!

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i love it! i dont like this job thing you have Wink we miss you over here!

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Awesome! I really love that you hand wrote it out.

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Great page! I love the owls!

Great textures you added. I love the stitching that you've been adding to your LOs and cards.

Oh, and cute picture of you and Kayson. Smile

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that is incredible. really, just incredible. thank you for making that page.

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Very sweet. I love your page. the owls turned out great as well as your textures.

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Cute cute cute!! Love the owls, the stitching...everything about it! Another beautiful layout.