The movie "New in Town"

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The movie "New in Town"

Have you guys seen it?

I thought it was really cute and all you Minnesota and Wisconsin girls talking about these scrapbooking events reminded me of it. Is scrapbooking just huge up there? Smile

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I actually have it but have yet to watch it. I will have to do so this weekend.

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I haven't seen the movie yet. Is there a reference specifically to scrapbooking in it or are you just reminded because of the location? I don't think scrapping is way bigger here than elsewhere but the cold winters do lend to finding good indoor activities so that may be part of it. We certainly have a lot of scrapping stores and craft stores in general in the twin cities.

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is that movie out already?! I wanted to see it.. i'll have to check it out!

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Yes, it's out now. They have quite a few scrapbooking references in the movie and it's so funny! I recommend it! Smile

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I don't really watch tv so I don't know what movies are out because I don't see the commercials. How bad is that? Anyhow, don't know about that movie ... and they didn't show a trailer for it when I went to see Harry Potter last week. ROFL

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Gwen- It's out on video now. You should go rent it. It's so cute and the scrapping references are hysterical.