Mow! (LO)

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Mow! (LO)

This is my submission for the animal challenge. Smile I love these pictures and was so glad to scrap them!

*linked for credits*

Journaling reads: Mow rhymes with cow and it’s what Scout calls cats. Every day she goes to the back window, looks outside, and says, “Mow? Mow?” It is her way of calling the cats. She is so sweet with them and as gentle as can be expected from a toddler. She loves to laugh as they tickle her and play, and we love to hear that laugh!

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Very cute!

Kayley calls our kitty Meow even though she knows how to say his name! It's so funny!

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This is utterly precious!

The kitty charm is brilliant. I love all the extra little details- the bird, the leaves, the flowers. It really gives it an outdoor feel to match the pictures.

The only minor thing for me is the title. Every time I see it (even after reading the journalling) I say mow as in "mow the lawn". Maybe you could make the title Mow! (big like you have it) and somehow make the top part of the journalling part of the title. The first thing that popped in my head was writing out beneath Mow like you would a definition. Like "-noun; pronounced to rhyme with cow, a furry 4 footed creature that meows"

It's really a minor thing though as you do define it in the journalling.

Great job. I really enjoyed this.

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awww, that's so cute! love that she has her own word for cat. Smile

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It's very cute! Smile I agree with Mish on the title though...maybe make it clear that's what she calls her kitty.

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How darling. You're right, those pics are precious. TFS Carrie.

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What sweet pics and a great lo! Did you warn Karen that there is a cat on this page???

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Too cute! Do you think she's trying to say 'meow'?

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