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I don't know if you guys have used them to print pix before, but WOW they have great quality prints!!! My friend that did the photoshoot with Cohen suggested using with their metallic finish. they are GREAT!!! I wouldn't spend the extra $$ on snapshots, but anything going in the scrapbooks or framed is worth it to me. The metallic finish is beautiful.

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I agree Charys!! Their quality is amazing!

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All my framed prints are printed from mpix. I love them.

I will also be getting Mason's b-day invites from them as they have custom cards so I can upload my own card I made and have it printed and it comes with envelopes.

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I will bookmark this site and keep it in mind for pro pics. Thanks Charys!

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I print our pictures there when I order online. I love that their wallets have the rounded corners (if you want them!). They do have very nice quality and are SUPER SUPER fast to ship!

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I've had pretty good experience with them too. And one print that didn't turn out right, they immediately reprinted and shipped it at no extra charge.