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Do you have to listen to music while scrapbooking? What kind?

I have to listen to something while I scrap. Usually it's contemporary Christian music from

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If I'm home alone yes I'll turn the radio on in my room and it is usually Country.

If DH is home I just have the backround noise of the TV

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I'm usually listening to the music in Jack's room from over the baby monitor. ROFL

But I've been jammin' to the 80s online the past two nights - I usually do that during the VCs, but not so much when I'm just squeezing time in to crop.

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I have youtube up and have been looking up videos. I just got done listening to a lot of the Black Eyed Peas stuff now I am onto Pussy cat dolls.

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Charys, this reminds me! Do you have any fav. artists/bands for Cont. Christian? I've been meaning to ask this for ever!

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yep! i listen to spotify Smile its like an online radio but also kinda like an itunes but you don't have to buy anything. just look it up and listen for free! I have been listening to a lot of Newsboys lately Biggrin i also listen to contemporary christian music but I am seriously stuck in the 90's! lol I am not liking the newer christian rock bands these days Smile

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Usually tv is on in the background with whatever DH is watching. But sometimes it's kids music on the computer for Caleigh to listen to. Although then she makes me dance which is not too conducive to scrapping! Wink

If I had my choice I would scrap in a nice quiet house!

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I like listening to Kaelan's "my first classical music CD". It has several of the well known classics on there and is soothing. I also love oldies!

I often forget to turn on music though and have been making an effort to lately.

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Yeah, I usually have yahoo launchcast radio on if I'm not playing games on the computer.

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I like this station that also streams on the web. It plays Christian and non-Christian (but clean) music. At night it can get a little too hard rock, but I still like it overall... I've heard Daughtry, Coldplay, and the like, mixed in with Reliant K, Jars of Clay, etc. I find them generic Christian as opposed to non-denominational Christian, if that makes any sense.

(I listen to everything, quite literally. But I'm trying to be less stressed in mind and more pure in thought, so I've gone back to searching for cleaner music. I like the movement within Christian music to have good music, that doesn't necessarily have to be a praise song or have Jesus/God mentioned as the focus in EVERY song- just a great message or fun lyric or awesome tune. It makes a nice balance.)

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"Avalon321" wrote:

Charys, this reminds me! Do you have any fav. artists/bands for Cont. Christian? I've been meaning to ask this for ever!

I love Nichole Nordeman, Nicole C. Mullins, Hillsong, Selah, Darlene Zschech, Point of Grace, Jaci Valesquez, etc. etc. Smile

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I haven't heard of the first ones, but I do enjoy Point of Grace and the few songs I've heard of Jaci.

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I mostly listen to the music channels on the TV predominantly the country ones, but if DH is home, I listen to the background of the TV, more than likely ESPN.

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most of the time when I scrap, DS is up there playing on the floor while I work, so we listen to his "Sing along Songs" and he dances Lol If he isn't up there I listen to a big variety...msot of the time it is either pop, cont. Christian or 80s if I am in the mood.

I have been listening more and more to Contemp Christian stuff since some of the things (music and other stuff like talk and such) on other radio stations make me think "would I want DS to be hearing this in a year or two when he will understand, repeat, remember, etc???"

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Normally I'm listening to whatever dh is watching on TV. If he's not home, the local pop/top 40 radio station works. Or our itunes (pop/country)

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I usually throw on Napster in the background. I am all over the place with what I watch though. It depends on what mood I am in.

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if the TV isnt on for background noise them i just throw iTunes up and listen to whatever is d/l'd on there... and its a whole mix of everything

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When I scrap I open all the windows to listen to the birds. I talk to myself too much when I scrap that I think music would distract me cause I would start singing along Smile