My accomplishment from a girl's night...

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My accomplishment from a girl's night...

of scrapbooking!!! 5pm - midnight! (of course i would have got more done, had i not had a 9month old with me...but oh well dh wasn't feeling well!)
I did them outside, but got a weird blue tint...the only one i did inside was the yellow LO and it looks fine. maybe here in Sacramento, i have too much smog to get good pics outside..?..
These two LOs are of me when i was little, at the age of 6 and 9months (i think)...for the life of me i CAN NOT think of titles!!! lol

Here are 3 cards i made. I will probably post these for sale at my store on

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You did a lot!!! That's great! I love the first LO! The stitching and the pretty chipboard, etc. make it perfect! Good luck on selling those cards...I'm sure they will go fast!

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Your work is beautiful! I think that was a great idea to use the pictures of you from when you were a kid. The details in each page are awesome. I think you'll be really successful in your shop.

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I love the one of you as a baby, It looks so fun! You do such great work, I bet those cards will sell quickly.

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great pages! love the baby page of you. Wink and the cards are awesome, really love that last one!

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Thanks ladies!!! now only if i can comvince my dh to continue the monthly scrapbooking kits after my 3 month subscription runs out, so i can support my new business!!! Smile

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I love them. You did wonderful.

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Love the cards!

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Those are both soooo good! I LOVE the cards and I am SURE they will sell quickly! Biggrin That first one is amazing!

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those are really great!

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MY GOODNESS! You were PRODUCTIVE!!! I love them all, but I am just in awe of your second l/o ... I have such a hard time working w/ circles ... your page looks so natural and flowing. JUST PERFECT!