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In My Arms LO

I feel like something is missing from the upper left corner of this, but tried several different things (including journaling and flowers) and none of it looked right. Any suggestions?

Edited: I looked at this post and realized that I definitely wanted to add some journaling. So I worked it around the edges. I hope it explains why the title is important. The journaling says: One of the hardest things is the world was to know that you should have been snuggled in my arms every moment. Instead you spent most of your days in your incubator. But every time I was able to hold you was special. Someone said that "Moments stand still. Days crawl by. Time flies." Being with you were moments that stood still and the times we were apart crawled along too slowly.

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I like it just the way it is I don't think it needs a thing

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i think it looks great!

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that is just lovely!

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I don't think it needs anything in that corner! It's lovely! I can't believe how precious and tiny she was. Your journaling really captured the emotion of the pics too.

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I don't think it needs a single thing - and your journalling is just lovely (and so heart-touching)

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It's fantastic the was it is. Very pretty layout!

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I agree Beth!! It is beautiful and touching and I wouldn't change one single thing. TFS

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I think it is gorgeous!

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aww what a touching layout Smile it is lovely just the way it is Smile

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It is spectacular. I think adding another element would be too much.

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Its beautiful, Beth! I love it Smile