my attempt to scrap today..

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my attempt to scrap today..

turned out pretty bad! at 1st, i cut the crap out of my finger when i was opening my paper trimmer! i think the little clear plastic covers fell off of the blades and i didnt realize it and i went to grab the blade and OUCH! cut it pretty bad! right on the tip! so then..i went to print off some pics(i have a pretty neat photo printer)...and no ink. well it has some ink, but not enough to print a good pic. so im guessing today just wasnt my day to try to scrap. :sigh: atleast i tried! lol

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ugh! Dontchya hate days like that?! I hope you ARE able to get some pics printed though and join in!

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Sorry to hear that.

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Ah man what a bummer! I can relate though. I hate days like that.

Oh and I hope your finger heals quick. Ouch!

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Sorry Ashley!!