My AWESOME Christmas gifts!!

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My AWESOME Christmas gifts!!

I got my CRICUT!! Yahoo
I also got the alphalicious cartridge (because of Charys' recommendation--thank you!)!

I got the Xyron Sticker Maker (the large one) and a refill....a giant paper pack (actually, I got one from mom/dad, one from DH, and one from my SD!) scrapbooking TABLE!!!!.....a chipboard pack.....some stamps........some cricut marker thingys (any idea what these are for, Charys? Or anyone with Cricut knowledge!?)......and two 1,000-piece scrap kits from my mom and dad! Then today I spent part of my Visa gift card from MIL/FIL on a snowflake punch and some stickers (all 1/2 price!) from hobby lobby.

OH!! And (possibly my favorite scrapping gift....) DH got me the Epson Picturemate Dash photo printer (if you have never heard of it, you REALLY need to google it, cuz it's AWESOME!). It's smaller than my husband's lunch box and prints pics from my SD card that are as good (if not BETTER) quality than Walmart's prints...and they come out to the SAME PRICE as getting 4x6 prints made at walmart!!

So yeah....I got a couple of scrapping things! Haha.
The only thing I have tried is the printer though.........but really looking forward to pulling out the cricut tomorrow! If I do, I'll post pics Wink

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WOW! you made out like a bandit, girl!!!! can't wait to see all of the stuff you make with your new gifts. Smile

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:eek:Woohooo!!!! Santa knew you were a good little scrapper this year. Wink That's awesome. Let me know how you like your sticker maker, because I'm considering asking one for Mother's day. Did you get letter stamps? As for the markers, I'm clueless. There's no place in the instruction manual about them. Maybe someone else knows. I saw them at Hobby Lobby the other day and was curious about those. ::skips off to Cricut website for more info:::

Can't wait to see your pages made with your new stuff!!!

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Wow! You got amazing gifts!!! I can't wait to see your pages! I got the cricut a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE it!! The best place to buy cartridges (cheap!!) that I have found is on ebay.

I was also wondering about the marker thing... i see them at the stores... I believe that you can replace the blade with the marker, so instead of cutting the paper, it draws the design. If i'm wrong, someone please correct me.

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That's AWESOME! Can't wait to see some great new work from you. I so need that Cricut. Anyone want to convince my DH to get it for me?!?! Lol