my awesome garage sale finds!!

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my awesome garage sale finds!!

so I went to some garage sales today and look what I found!!

I got all of this stuff for $30!!

I've been wanting one of these fasteners and she was selling it for $10!!!!
awesome deal, I also bought a package of fasteners plus colored staples!!

A ribbon punch for $1!!! can you believe that and glitter for $1 too!!
Man I was like a kid in a candy store in there Smile

And Primas!!!! for $4!!! woohoo!!! (although when I got back to the van and calculated everything up-she forgot to charge me for them-so I guess those were free)

the glass jars in the back--FREE--some lady was giving them away at a different garage sale
and the bag of buttons were 25 cents--so I couldn't pass them up Smile

these ink pads---$2 each!!!! they are the calk inks (can't wait to use them)

stickers 2/$1

she had paper 8 sheets for $1---I bought $3 worth of paper (thats all I found cute)

this was 50 cents

this cute little 3 tier glass container 50 cents

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:eek: You racked up on some goooooddddd stuff! I am jealous! I wish I could find some good buys like that! That's awesome about the fastener & the ribbon punch. I am interested in both, so keep us posted! Biggrin

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wow awesome finds Smile

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Wow I want to go garage saleing with you!


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wowza! great finds Smile I went looking round garage sales the other day just in general and it was all junk (in my eyes) lol

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Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. I'm jealous. I can't ever find good stuff at Garage sales.

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that is awesome! Why cant I find deals like that??!! Those chalk pads are awesome. i have some and love them!

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Wow, I never thought to look at garages sales! You found some nice stuff! Smile

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Woohoo, congrats on your awesome finds! Smile

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Talk about JACKPOT!!! You really hit big. Congrats on the great bargains!

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Wow, great finds!!!

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woohoo! you really hit a good sale!
i have that exact same ribbon punch, it's awesome! we used them on ALL of our wedding invites (200+) and it still works great!

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Woah! That's some GOOOD stuff! I think I'll come with you too!

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Awesome finds! I am so jealous!

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That is so cool. I've never seen a ribbon punch like that. Congrats on the score.

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that is incredible!!!!! you made out like a bandit!

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:eek: That's awesome! I wish I could find a garage sale like that. Wink I'm so happy for you!

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That is great! I love the papers you picked.

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Wow, you really scored, those are awesome deals!

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Great finds! Lucky you!

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Wow, nice find!!! That's so cool!

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Holy moly that is a score right there!! So exciting! Makes me wanna go garage selling!

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Oh wow, you really did find lots of great stuff! I would never have thought to go looking for scrapbooking stuff at garage sales! I know what I am going to be doing this summer.