my baby is here!

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my baby is here!

hey ladies! my baby girl is here! Kylee Marie arrived this morning at 8:37am via c/s. and she weighed 8lb 9 oz! she already has daddy wrapped around her little finger Biggrin im great, this c/s was MUCH better than last time. it was a little longer during surgery because my doc said my insides "were totally messed up!" so it took about 15 mins to actually get to Kylee! but i didnt feel it. so thats nice Smile and for the non-FBers i will post pics in a few days so you can see her..she looks identical to my son, and i keep wanting to call her Ryan! ROFL

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Congratulations Ashley! I was wondering about you today. I'm so glad to hear everything went well. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of Kylee!!

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Ashley!! How exciting! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kylee Marie is such a pretty name. She and Cohen are exactly 2 months apart. Smile

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Congratulations!!! I love her name! I can't wait to see pics Smile

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Congrats! She's absolutely beautiful! Glad to hear everything went so well! LOVE the name! Smile

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wttw, baby girl! Congrats! Yahoo

She's the exact size Ella was. Smile

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that's awesome! congrats! I have to go look on FB for pictures. I was so excited when I saw your status updates yesterday.

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Yay!!! Welcome baby Kylee! I love that name too. And such great stats. Great job momma!! Congrats!!

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Congratulations!!!!! I am glad your cs went well and everyone is doing good. Smile

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YAY! CONGRATS on a little princess! I can't wait to see pics!

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Congrats again Ashley!

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congratulations Yahoo

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thanks everyone :D. my doc came to visit today, and i asked her how bad it really was in there and she told me that my bladder was actually attached to my uterus!:eek: and they had to separate the two before they could make the incision on my uterus! thats crazy, huh?! i just thought you guys would like to know that because i thought it was nuts! Smile im hoping to get some pics up soon. my DH bought me a desk to scrap on a few days ago, so im ready to get better and get home so i can scrap GIRL stuff Biggrin i promise i will post pics soon!!

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congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see her!

Oh and when I first went to the dr while pregnant with Allie, my dr warned me about a bluterus possibility! Yes, that is what she called it LMAO.

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Congrats! WTTW Kylee!!!

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AWWWWWWW CONGRATS YAY I've been keeping up with you and lurked just to keep current, pictures please lol

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Oh Ashley - CONGRATS on your little girl. I look forward to seeing pictures. But sorry to hear that there were a few issues. Hopefully the healing from this one will go quickly. Remember, take it easy.