My Box! HA

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My Box! HA

Here is the box I attempted, not sure if I like it or not! I need to get some pics printed and come up with a different theme, Jack's nickname is Buggy (comes from buggaboo) anyway thats where the theme came from. Enjoy



I will probably forego the corner rounding punch next time, it was being a pita today, and I don't think I like these colors together, IDK! What do you think?

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love the little bugs on the outside, and I think it's so neat how you did the corners like that. the colors look good together - are you going to use any patterned paper on the inside? I hope we get to see it with pictures. Wink

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Wow, I think it's really cute! I love the bugs on the outside, I think the colors are perfect together, and I love the corners. I think it's great!! I too hope you share when completed!

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That is so cute! We are planning to make some of these soon for Christmas gifts. I love seeing everyones.

Also, I call my son buggy boy lol.

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Love the bugs! this is definitely one of the most fun boxes I've seen! So cute!

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Awww! I love it. I'm sure the corner rounder was tedious but the result is super cute. Can't wait to see it w pics!

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the corner rounder wasn't that bad, but it ripped the pages when I was taking it out, I was so irritated. Hopefully I'll get better with it, it was a new punch, maybe I just need to wear it in.

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Ooooh! How are you fastening the pictures? I was wondering if the corners would fit inside the little cut outs...