My Busy Week

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My Busy Week

I'm still going to get my card done from Charys' class but this week has been really hectic for me.

I could use a prayer or two (hundred!!! :D)

There is a new school opening in the fall close to the school where I teach. I've decided to apply for a Kindergarten readiness position there. It's for kiddos who are just turning 5 and then they go to Kindergarten the following year. They only have one per school, so wish me luck. I've taught K before and really want to again. I'm nervous and excited as I have been at the same school since I started teaching. I'm thinking a change may be just what I need. I'm at peace either way though b/c I'm not unhappy where I am but just would like the opportunity to teach that level.

Next, we have submitted paperwork to have our adoption profile online for anyone in the U.S. to see. We are so excited at the prospect of birthmothers from all over seeing our profile and not being limited to just local birthmothers. It's also very stressful b/c the contact would come directly to us instead of our agency being the middle man. Pray for me that I will have the strength to know the words to say should we be contacted. I'm really nervous about this and our social worker suggested that I ALWAYS be the one to answer the line (I guess woman to woman). I haven't slept good this week just worrying about saying something wrong or not knowing what to say.

When our link is activated, I may post it and get feedback. We have been very private about who we have shared our adoption journey with. Most of the teachers at school have no clue I'm waiting to be a mom. Waiting is hard and full of ups and downs and I just don't always want to discuss it, KWIM? But sharing things with you ladies is just different. It doesn't feel like its in my face all the time, if that makes sense!

Anywho, I'm going to try to catch up on some posts b/c you ladies have been busy! Thanks for listening!

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Kelly, I'm continuously praying for this adoption to happen quickly and smoothly. My cousins adopted years and years ago (35 years ago to be exact) but they said it was hell back then and they can't imagine how much more complicated the system has gotten since then.

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:bigarmhug: Kelly. You are such a strong woman and I too am still praying for your continued strength and happiness. It's in God's hands and he will lead you in the right direction. GL and thanks for opening up to us.

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Kelly, I'm glad you shared! I'd love to say a little prayer for you - both about the job and adoption.

I understand being busy, hope you can do the card soon.

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Lots of prayers coming your way from me too. Adoption is something very dear to my heart and my whole family's. If you ever want to chat, vent, whatever, we are here for you :bigarmhug:

That teaching position sound great by the way! Wishing you all the best. Biggrin

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:bigarmhug: I'll be thinking of you!

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Good luck on both! I know you have waited a long time to adopt and I hope this goes well for you!

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I really hope everything works out the way you need it to.

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Kelly I will pray for you to have the right words to say. I hope that call comes soon and your social worker is right I think it is a good idea that ONLY you answer the phone. GL

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I am so glad you shared with us. I will be more than happy to add you and your family to my prayer requests. This is an exciting time in your life and I appreciate you sharing it with us. Biggrin I hope you get the job and I pray that you have a precious child in your arms in no time! KUP!

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Thanks girls! I certainly appreciate your prayers and kind words! We're cautiously excited.