My craft room table (updated with picture)

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My craft room table (updated with picture)

Even though I don't paper scrap, I still have a craft room that doubles as our office. The point of this post is to announce that I finally got a table for it. DH surprised me with it for Mother's Day. I was so thankful, it was a great choice on his part. Finally I can sew in my craft room, rather than on the dining room table. Also I can put together cards on it, etc.

Now, if I can just get it organized. DH promised me shelves in the closet, but he has a hundred other projects on this list.


Here it is. The closet is currently piled with my craft boxes, I hope to get shelves for it. I'd buy them, but DH would prefer to make them.

There is a view of our backyard out the window (this room is on 2nd story)

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That's great Stephanie! What a nice surprise huh?

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Its always nice to have your own space and not have to use the dining room table all the time. That way you can occasionally (or more often Wink ) leave a mess without worrying about clearing up for dinner.

WTG on the great gift DH!

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YAY for a great gift!! :yahoo:Take pics so we can see it. Smile

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Sweet! I love practical gifts like that!

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But awesome that DH got you the perfect gift.

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Okay, I'll go take a picture, although it is not too impressive.

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GREAT size! I wish I had something that big to work on!

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i LOVE your craft room!! i would kill for all that space!

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that's awesome! and you have amazing light in that room.

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great table! Biggrin

I don't know what's up with me...I have a big scrap space and never ever use it...I always lug everything out to the livingroom. lol.

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Nice craft room! Kayley has the same little canvass stoarge thingie (not the tall one) in her room, only its the pine with primary colors. I use it for her board books and cds. Love it!

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Oh very cool!

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Very cool! Thanks for posting the pic and cute storage you have!

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that table looks perfect! i love your canvas bins.

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That's awesome! Smile Hope you get your shelves soon.

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Yay for you! I miss my space so much. Love the craft storage bins.