My dad's birthday card

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My dad's birthday card

I made this card for my dad yesterday ... and just realized I won't see him until AFTER his birthday. I don't want to mail it because I'm worried the charms will fall off. My plan is for him to use the charms on the zippers on his golf bag - he's a HUGE golfer. Wink

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That came out really cool! Awesome job with a manly card! Smile

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That's great! Really good job! Smile

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That card rocks!!

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great looking card Gwen!!!!

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That is really cute.

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That saying is PERFECT!!! man, I love that for a guy's card. I'm so lifting this.

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How cool Gwen! TFS

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very cute!! my dad would LOVE it!! hes a golf fanatic as well!

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What an awesome guy card!

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That's an awesome card, love all the charms!