My Day (OT)

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My Day (OT)

You gals are so great and have been with me through a lot of down days (with my allergies, and Josiah, etc). Today I had an incredibly surreal day that has completely humbled me with gratitude.

I'm not one to usually be specific about money and the like on the boards, but I had to share it today.

It's an incredibly long post that I wrote out. I won't be offended if you don't want to read it. I also don't want to leave this information up for a long time, so I don't want it in numerous places. If you'd like to read about my completely blessed day, you can do so at my Feb bb.

Have a great day!

(Oh, and to top off everything in that post, the scrapbook train came to my door today. Yay! Whoever is in charge of that... can I have the next address? I can't mail it out until Monday because we don't have weekend Post Service... but even there... I had saved $10 from Christmas so I could participate (either in this or in a card swap or too), and postage won't even be that much!!! Yahoo!)

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Mish, I've learned that even in the mist of a storm, a rainbow sometimes appears. Isn't it amazing that even when you think you can't carry a load any longer, God steps in and reminds you to just trust him. I'm so glad that you had all these blessings shower you today!

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Your post has brought tears to my eyes. We serve a wonderful God Who always provides. I am so happy for you guys!!!! PTL

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Wow!!! What a wonderful, inspiring story Michelle. I am so glad you shared it because it reminds me once again to thank the One who really deserves it. Praise the Lord for his blessings!

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That was the most wonderful thing to read first thing this morning. I have a similar story about our finances from a few years back. Let's just say that it was so bad and in the same way God moved things in a way to settle it all so swiftly that it still brings tears to my eyes!

((hugs)) I am so happy that you had such a blessed day.

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That was amazing to read, really....Michelle that is so fabulous! God is so great! Biggrin I am really happy for you and your family Biggrin :bigarmhug:

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Michelle That is a truly amazing story. God is amazing!

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It's amazing how things work out sometimes. Smile I'm so glad that all of these good things are happening to your family, you truly deserve it. I hope the CPA is right, that would be so awesome!!! And do buy yourself some shoes!

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That is an awesome story! Love how He turn mistakes into the coolest blessings!
We recently had some financial blessings as well... Its pretty amazing being caught up with our bills!

I think putting tithing first has so much to do with everything too, I really do!!!

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Is is so good to hear that things are looking up. I completely understand the financially strapped thing. I started couponing and having a small stockpile of food and let me tell you, it saved us when we did not have money for a week and a half. We thankfully had food to eat since I had some stockpiled. Things always seem to work out at the best possible moments. I am very happy for you.

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What a great blessing! I know the child tax credit went way up so I am sure it is right Biggrin