My deals! (I kind of rambled writing this)

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My deals! (I kind of rambled writing this)

(Background info)

At our church we have this rack that holds pamphlets. It's a nice rack, only the types of pamphlets that we are given to hand out don't really apply to our country church the way they might in a city where more strangers, etc visit. So my husband had the idea that maybe (if I was willing) I could make some cards that could be sold individually and we'd give the proceeds to charity.

The idea has been scratching at the back of my mind and refusing to ease up. I have a lot of religious stamps and it would be fun to use them and get some Christian cards available in the area.

So today we decided on a whim to go to Mankato for the day. While there we stopped at Hobby Lobby. Boy did I ever hit the motherload. 50% off just about everything. I steered away from stickers/rub-ons because I want to keep the price down, and I steered away from patterned paper because I have too much already.

I like making cards as it is... like I said, I just never get around to sending them then.

Hubby was excited that I wanted to do this and kept asking if he could get me anything else. It was hard not to be greedy and only get what I need. (There was a LOT of nice stuff.) He's already asking when the next crops are at the local store so I can go to them and get uninteruppted time to work. (Added bonus, they have a cricut at that store that you can use for free if you pay to be at the crop, which is only $10 and includes supper and a prize.)

The two Christmas stamps are for my cards next year. Everything else I plan on using mainly for the cards for church. I had good stuff to make thank you cards already. But these stamps, I could see the cards in my head- design, colors, etc. I've rarely had something draw itself so clearly in my head- that it really made me think that this is something that God has given me a vocation to do.

That gives me sympathy and thank you down pat. I could do a decent design for Get Well off the top of my head. Anything else I'd have to think a little more on to get an easy to swap colors/subtle styles and words on.

Anyways, before I ramble's the bounty.

And I realized you can't see the ribbon in the above picture... LOL

I was thinking of selling them for $1 (once I get enough together to actually put out a display). The money is all going to charity and people will be welcome to put in more.... but all my patterned paper has just been sitting around. All these supplies were 50-66% off. The precut paper/envelope packs were $3 for one and $4 for another and you get 50 cards and envelopes in each. The most expensive stamp was the clear set and that was $7. The rest of the stamps were $2-3 a piece if I remember correctly. The ribbon was like $1.

I'm excited to get started but I still have 10 Christmas cards to put together and have to mail out the family cards. (They are all so very used to after Christmas Christmas cards, they won't even blink that I haven't sent them out yet. LOL) I am making myself not touch this stuff anymore until I get Christmas done. That'll work, right?

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Wow! You got some great deals - and it's great that the ideas just popped into your head fully formed already! Can't wait to see some of them (AFTER you get your Christmas cards done!).

Oh, and your first picture there isn't working.

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WOW! Look at all that great stuff. What a neat idea to not only help others with cards but donating the money as well! AND you get your work out there and may be able to strike up some business!

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Hmmm.... it's working for me. Let me know if it's not working in the morning and I'll try to repost it.

As I said to my husband... I'm excited and scared all at once. It feels like I'd have a real job that makes a difference. (Though yes, I know, my choice to quit my job and stay home with the kids makes a REAL difference.) It gives me something to look forward to. But then I question if I'm really good enough for this, or if there is a market, or if I can keep up with it.

So I've decided that I'm just going to make some cards. If I like how it's going and have enough, we'll try this. Otherwise I'll give them to the Ladies Aid for their silent auction they have every year. That takes the pressure off for me.

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Wow!! That is such an inspiring story. And you totally got some deals and found some cool stuff there. i can't wait to see what you do, and know that it will be well received.

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what an awesome idea!!
i cant wait to see how the cards come out!

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wow, that's a alot of awesome stuff and a neat story! I hope it goes really well for you. KUP ok?

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Great deals! I can't wait to see what you make!

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Those are really great deals. Love when that happens. Smile Good luck with making the cards. Keep us updated on how it goes.

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You got lots of great stuff! Smile I just LOVE the fact Hobby Lobby has such great deals!

I hope you'll post some cards that you make soon!

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You did hit a good sale! My DH just bought me some new religious stamps, and I LOVE them! I really like your rubber ones! You are going to love the kraft paper pack with the ivory, white, choc brown, and kraft paper! I have basically used all mine! Biggrin I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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I think it's awesome that you found a ministry in which you can use your creativity! I think you'll find that you're "leap of faith" in getting this started will be rewarded. Wink

Great deals, too, btw.

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Sadie- that brown tones pack is my absolute favorite cardstock pack EVER. I utterly adore the chocolate brown in it. That pack is what I generally buy for cardmaking, so I go through a ton of those in a year. Great price at $4 for 50 sheets... a steal at $2!

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My goal is to start making cards next week after my son goes back to school.