My DH published this! So cool! (pic heavy)

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My DH published this! So cool! (pic heavy)

My DH is currently working on editing and publishing a magazine/book (called a "mook"). He just got his proof copy in today! It's incredibly awesome. I'm really proud of him! Biggrin

Here's what you gals might want to check out, though. He did it through which is a huge self-publishing company. For almost 100 full color pages, with a color cover (perfect bound) it only cost $24 including priority mail shipping! It doesn't matter if you order one copy or 100 because there's no set print run. The only catch is that the sizes wouldn't accommodate 12x12 scrap pages. But his is 8.5x11. There are a few other size options (book sizes essentially). You can also do hardcover, softcover, stitch bound, and a few other things. Another neat option is that you can full bleed the pages to the edges (so no white border). This is what I want to eventually do with my scrap pages.

Anyway, here are some photos. They aren't great and the book itself is way cooler than the pics show. Really nice page weight, vibrant colors, and a sweet glossy cover and really nicely packaged for shipping.

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That Is So Awesome!:d

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That's pretty neat - and not as expensive as you'd think!

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That is so cool and what a great price he got it for!

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that's really great! TFS

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Wow! That is really cool!

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that is so neat!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WTG to your DH! That's great!