My Etsy (OT)

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My Etsy (OT)

Thank you all so much for encouraging me to post on etsy. I posted the set I showed you and then made more: another nursing pillow in a cozy material, a boppy pillow cover in the cute ladybug material, some burp cloths and finally some breastfeeding covers! Told you I was busy! Wink I've actually sold both the breastfeeding covers already. So exciting!

Charys, I just got your material yesterday!

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Wow! 2 sales already! That is great! I love the nursing covers! I would totally buy one of those for my next baby!

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that's awesome! I knew you'd do well!

love your nursing covers, they look great!

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YAY on the quick sales! I can send you the $$ whenever...just let me know!! I'm so excited you are doing this for me! thank you again Stephanie!

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Congrats girl! That's awesome! Nursing covers are awesome!

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That is great!

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Congrats on the sales!

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Congrats Steph! That is awesome.

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thanks ladies.

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You guys, go visit her store and look at her "sold"'ve got to see how CUTE the sock monkey set she made me is!!! It's a gift for Scott's niece...they are expecting their first and her theme is sock monkeys.

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YAY! That's great! Biggrin You did amazing work and you should get some credit for it!