My first card ever

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My first card ever

I figured thankyou cards for my shower this past weekend was good enough reason to try making a card. Its a rather simple design since it is my first and I needed to make 15 of them. I finished them all and now my back is sore.

Charys I used some elements from your design posted the other day, thanks for the inspiration! I was planning on using the bow all along but being a newbie with ink/stamps I had never inked the sides of a paper before, it really gives it dimension.

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Those are amazing for your first cards! i love them. great job!

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Wow!! Those are GREAT!! Good work for a newbie. Wink

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Those look awesome - great job!

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I'm shocked those are your first cards! Wow! And they're not simple at all...great job!!

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Those are great!

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Those are awsome for first cards. Great job.

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love 'em!:D

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Great job! What did you use for the scalloped edge?

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"MinaAriel" wrote:

Great job! What did you use for the scalloped edge?

Yes, I was wondering that also. Great job!

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Wow, I'm very impressed! It is beautiful. Of course I love purple so that makes it even better. But they came out magnifcent!

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Andrea, those look realyl nice! GJ!

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I only WISH my first card looked that good! Those are adorable! You did a great job inking too. Mine never looks that good! TFS!

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THose are very pretty! I love the sparkles for sure!

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those are super cute! I have that paper too. I love the glitter edges too! Very nice job!