My first card! You guys are creating a monster! LOL

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My first card! You guys are creating a monster! LOL

So I made my nephew a card for his birthday today. Normally I use Microsoft Publisher to make cards and print them off on my computer, but decided to give this a try. I LOVED doing it, and although it's not great, it's pretty good for a rookie. Smile He's only five, so he won't really care anyway. Smile I left the inside blank except for my writing. Is that what you guys do? TFL and getting me inspired to do this. I might just have to do this more often.

BTW, I used card stock for this and cut it bigger cause I just put it in the box with his presents I'm mailing. Can you use just regular patterned paper for this too or is card stock preferred? Thanks again!

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nice job!!!

You can use whatever you want for cards!! I like cardstock because it is thicker...but you can use regular paper glued to cardstock, so you get the look of the paper and the thickness of the cardstock!


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bwahahahaha!!!! Blum 3

That's really great Carrie! I love the greeting. Did you sand the edges? And like Liz said, the good thing about cards is you can use whatever you have on hand. I use cardstock most of the time, but you can use up your scraps on the front too. I think I like making cards even more than scrapbooking. :eek:

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Posts: 4065 I did not sand the edges. That card stock is a little rough looking on it's own. I happened to have just that size left so used it up.

I can see how this can be addicting! Smile

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Nice job on your first card.

I agree with all the ladies when I say that you can make cards out of whatever you have around. That is what is so great about them.

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Nice job!! I love making cards to use up my scraps! You can use anything! There's no rules! Biggrin

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Great work! I use whatever I have laying around too. It is really a great way to make that scrap pile alot smaller Wink

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Well done on your first card! It is very addicting! I am sure he will love it! Oh, and pp answered you question for me. Wink

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Very neat - congrats on your first card!

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Woo Hoo! WTG!

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Carrie, it is great. I love your balloons with the strings and the alpha is perfect. Smile

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Great work Carrie. I have those same cut out letters and I love them.