My first cricut card

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My first cricut card

Ok, well to tell the truth, this is my second but the first was very simple and I mailed it immediately without taking a picture (thank you to my mom for giving me the cricut).

Anyway, here is my card. I was just having lots of fun playing with it. I used Storybook cartridge and Plantin Schoolbook (think that is right title).

Oh, and I had a hard time getting the paper to pop out of those small holes. It wasn't always cut all the way. She I adjust the needle more or something? I think I had it on 4 and this is cardstock.

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Wow Stephanie! I am waaay impressed this is one of your first cards. :eek: I am sooo happy you got a Cricut and can't wait to see what else you create!!

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Awesome!! You are going to be sooo hooked and maybe the start of a new type of scrapping for you. Smile TFS

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Cute cards. On it not cutting, the 4 is the just the blade. You need to adjust the pressure and speed dials. I usually have the pressure on med or high for cardstock and a slower speed. HTHs

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Thanks Kebrina, I did hear that in the video but had forgotten!

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that looks great!

for cardstock, I always have the pressure on 4. I usually have the speed on 3-4.

if you cut vellum, change the speed to high, seems to be less prone to ripping at a higher speed.

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Very nice!!!

I agree with the other ladies who said higher pressure and lower speed for thicker cardstock...and vice versa for thin paper, vellum, freezer paper for shirts, etc.

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Very cute!! Can't wait to see more of your designs! Smile