My FIRST Cricut cards!

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My FIRST Cricut cards!

these are a little ruff because i was just playing with the machine but here they are!!:

the birthday cards for my brother

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so you got one!!! did i miss a post somewhere? what cartridges did you get? are you loving it?

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lol i just have George right now; but i already know what the next one i want is!! lol
i posted on my other thread that i ended up buying one from Walmart.
and i am so inlove with it already!! hehehe

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Woohoo! Great work girl! Smile

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Very cool! I like the paper you used for the first one.

Mine is suppose to arrive tomorrow with a Don Juan cartridge. I'm so excited!

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Very nice cards! Love the pearls in the center of the flower in the first card. Hooray for you getting it already. I bet it'll make you wanna paper scrap too. Wink

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those look great! i really like that font!

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Looks like you're having fun with your new toy. I like the colors/paper you used for that first one especially.

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Hey good for you! Looks like you already have it down pat! Those cards are great

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Glad to hear you got one and are loving it! Those are great cards. Congrats!

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Those are great! Glad to hear that you got a cricut. I'm in love with mine!!! Lol

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Good Job! That's a great start

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whoo hoo! I love how you just jumped right in and started making cards. they look great, love the second one best. Smile