my first Digi page...

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my first Digi page...

Well, here goes....I'm usually a paper-scrapper, but I'm starting to get into Digital..............and I embarassed to post my page cause you ladies are soooooo awesome... Biggrin
This is my sons first outing to the "sheep pasture" in my town...I LOVE the pic in the lower right hand corner...he was crying his eyes out cause we were leaving....hahhahaha Lol

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Oh, it is great. Don't be embarassed, I'm just learning too. I like the pictures. He must have really liked the sheep. Smile

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it looks great! like your siggy page to Smile

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i love it! it's just my style...great job!

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That's great! Soon you'll find yourself getting in a rhythm with your program and pages.

What programs are you using?

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Hey great job Robin!!
I love the way you have the photos layered.
Keep 'em coming! Smile

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I think you did a good job. My DD didn't want to leave the monkeys at the zoo and I got a pic of that on my page of the zoo! Lol I am afraid to get into digi scrapbooking! Lol I am already on the computer enough.

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How adorable!!

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Great Job!

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Sometimes the most simple pages really do make the best. I love it!!