My first digital LO's

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My first digital LO's

I'm still working on these layouts but this is what I have so far. Not bad for my first time I must admit! Smile

Thanks for looking! Smile

Page 1 of baby scrapbook

Page 2 of baby scrapbook

Page 3 of baby scrapbook

Page 4 of baby scrapbook

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Oh, I love all the journaling you did. That is perfect. Way to go on you first pages!

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wow, I'm impressed! Those are great for your first pages. The Remember This page is my favorite. I think it's perfect! I love the swirl, the colors of papers you used, etc.

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NICE job, Kandice! Those pages are so beautiful!!!

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i love what you did with the ribbon.

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Those are great!! You inspire me to do more the next time around! LOL

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Thanks for the wonderful comments ladies! I really appreciate it! I can't wait to get home tonight and work on some more layouts and finish these ones up! Smile

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Ooops, there is a spelling error on page 3 (new vs knew)

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Haha, thanks I've noticed a couple mistakes since posting them so I'll have to fix that up ASAP!


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Great pages! I took pictures of my belly every 4 weeks - even though my daughter is a year and a half, I still plan on scrapping them! It's such a great thing to look back at!

Looking at these pages makes me really excited about our ttc journey again!! (The testing moments, telling people....)

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great start!!!

the grammar freak in me noticed a few mistakes, but I see that you noticed some too, so I won't say anything until after you fix them in case you caught them all. Wink

the only thing I would suggest is to add some kind of drop shadow or matting to the picture of the HPT in the first picture, it just looks like it needs something.

but I think you have a great start to baby's book!