My first pages.

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My first pages.

This was just kind of a "fly by the seat of my pants" type of thing. It's a two page spread with the profile shot being the left side!
Remember, I'm new to this so be nice Smile


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aww i think its cute! you are off to a great start Smile I think it looks great for your first time and paper scrapping too! Ive always been bad at paper scrapping and i can't seem to commit to it so i do digi Lol

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I think they are great!!
keep up the good work and can't wait to see more

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Great job. Way better than my first stuff.

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I think those are great pages! You should be proud of them! Can't wait to see what's next!

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These pages are so sweet! I love the ultrasound pictures, too. You did a fantastic job!

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Very cool title! Cute pages! TFS.

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Awesome idea!!!! I love them both!

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i think they look great!
i love paper scrapping but i'm terrible at it! LOL!!!

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Beautiful. Very good for your first page! I love that you scrapped the ultrasound pics first. Very sweet.

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So sweet!

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I think they look great! WWWAAAAYYYY better than my first! Lol

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Great first layout! I never did my u/s pages ...

Did you scan in the u/s and then do prints? If not, then do go back and do that. The actual u/s prints will fade in time (and I'm not positive they're acid free)

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I made copies of the u/s at walmart and printed them out on regular photo paper...will those fade as well?

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those should be fine. Smile

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Now I'm gonna go scan my ultrasound pics!

I think that they look great!

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they are very cute- i really like how you did the title. I may be stealing that idea.

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